About Us

Yodoyabashi & Yamagami LPC, the very first Legal Professional Corporation in Japan with the official registry #1, is an independent and moderate-sized Japanese law firm providing full legal services for domestic and international clients. It was originally founded in Osaka in 1959 , and for over 60 years has continued to grow and provide top-notch legal services to clients with the goal to "meet the legal needs of all individuals around the world". Now, we are ranked in the top 20 largest law firms in Japan with more than 70 attorneys and are recognized as one of the top-rated law firms.

Additionally, we have strengthened our international legal services to actively respond to the rapid globalization of business. Together with our attorneys who are qualified in the United States (New York and California) and Taiwan, who studied and worked in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, the Netherlands and the UK, who speaks English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and French, we have established a legal network with foreign law firms to handle complex international cases.

Reflecting our broad range of experience, we are highly acclaimed and trusted by our diverse clients, including international and local corporations, financial institutions, venture capital firms, local governments, universities, and entrepreneurs of various sizes and maturities. We have experience and expertise in many practice areas, including without limitation: litigation and dispute resolution, M&A, intellectual property, labor matters, financial services, bankruptcy, tax controversy and various domestic and international transactions. Our attorneys include leading professionals in each major area of practice. Some teach at law schools, and others have experience as judges. Combining each expertise, we devote ourselves to handling complex legal matters.

Based on our extensive experience, we can provide comprehensive and effective legal services tailor-made to each distinctive client's needs. Our Osaka and Tokyo offices also enable our clients from any area to reach our prompt and flexible legal services. Above all, we strive to understand our clients’ business for the satisfaction of any and all their needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: info-yglpc@yglpc.com